My extensive experience in working life, in different political positions and in voluntary work have given me a solid picture of what the major problems in Finnish society today are and how to fix them.

I’ve worked in the Ministry of Education, in the European Parliament, in coordinating the Left Alliance’s expert networks, and most recently in organising subsidized holidays for people struggling with economic, social and health problems.

Being a member of the Vantaa city council, I know that I have enormous enthusiasm to change the world for the better, with all the tools at my disposal.

I will do my utmost so that everyone can feel safe and trust in good quality public services – every child should get to attend a good kindergarten and a good school and everyone should trust to receive good quality health care services.

I will do all I can so that Finland’s success is based on welfare, skills, and a safe working life – instead of competing with worsening working conditions and lower salaries. The taxation needs simplification, and tax havens must be blocked.

I will do my utmost so that fighting against climate change and in favour of biodiversity permeates all politics. We must also be a forerunner in peace processes, while not taking part in actual conflicts or joining military alliances.


Jussi’s answers in English to Yle’s Election compass (link).