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Jussi Saramo

Jussi SaramoFor Parliament from the Uusimaa electoral district

  • 43 years old
  • Member of Parliament and Chairperson of the Left Alliance Parliamentary Group
  • Minister of Education 12/2020-7/2021
  • Member of the Grand Committee
  • Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Member of the Vantaa City Council
  • Member of the Wellbeing Services County of Vantaa and Kerava
  • Former member of the Porvoo City Council (2000-2008)

Jussi has extensive experience in working for a more equal society, in politics and in non governmental organisations. During Ms Li Andersson’s parental leave, Jussi served as Minister of Education and member of the five party leaders of the current coalition government. As Minister, Jussi was also responsible for the Finance Committee, the Defence Committee, the Environment Committee and the Ministerial Committee on EU affairs.

When Ms Andersson returned to serve as Minister from parental leave, Jussi was elected the Chairperson of the Left Alliance Parliamentary Group.

Jussi lives in Vantaa with his partner and two children.

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Every vote counts!

“My aim is for everyone to feel safe. Every child must get a place in a good kindergarten and a good school, those who are ill must get the care they need without waiting, and elderly care must serve the needs of senior citizens and provide for dignity in old age.”

Jussi was in a vital role in changing Finland’s direction for the better – reinforcing the welfare society instead of implementing more and more budget cuts.

The current government has, for example, introduced legislation to ensure more personnel in early childhood education and elderly care, increased the resources for all educational levels, increased the amount of parental leave for fathers, dismantled the unfair activation model for the unemployed, raised the basic pension, and reached record high levels in employment.

There is much more to be done. Both state debt and household debt levels must be decreased. The public economy needs to be stabilised by removing loopholes in taxation, and not by cutting from services and welfare. This work is done by us all together, and every vote counts.